7 Straightforward Google AdWords Tricks That’ll Drive More Business Leads


Are you interested in cost-effective AdWords management to drive more business leads? There are many factors that influence a PPC campaign’s ROI but no matter which industry you’re operating in, you can find ways to reach motivated audiences with lower CPC. Here are some straightforward, highly effective Google AdWords tricks for you to consider.

Aim for High Quality Score

high quality score

In AdWords management practices, it’s no secret that Google rewards advertisers who provide a rich user experience with high Quality Scores. Good Quality Scores for keywords and landing pages can translate into lower CPCs and higher ad positions. Along with incorporating meaningful and creative copy, you should focus on targeting the right keywords and implement the most appropriate keyword match types so that relevant audiences will click through after viewing your ad.

Get Inspired By Competition

A good AdWords agency spends time researching competitors’ campaigns to find out their best performing keywords. Knowing what works for your competitors is a good way to get inspired and strategize your campaign. Based on analysis findings, you can bid strategically on the same keywords or find opportunities to target different keywords. You can also use competition analysis to make your ad creative more effective.

Target Mobile Platform


If you have a sizeable smartphone using audience, an AdWords agency may recommend setting up a separate mobile campaign with emphasis on short and concise mobile ads with click-t-call features to drive leads. Mobile optimized landing pages are the next step to convert leads. For existing campaigns, implementing day parting to deactivate ads for other devices during non-performance times is a simple and clever way to curb ad spend wastage.

Use Remarketing Lists

remarketing lists

In white label PPC and regular AdWords, remarketing lists for search ads (RLSAs) are used to tailor campaigns, target site visitors and customize bids. By placing remarketing tags on pages of your website, you can add lists to existing campaigns and ad groups. AdWords allows you to create custom combination lists for audiences who visited specific pages of your website. You can increase or decrease bids for each remarketing list to increase the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Consider Audience Targeting

audience targeting

Audience targeting based on purchase intent signals is an AdWords hack that’s applied at the ad group level by white label AdWords agencies to reach audience interested in products and services similar to yours. You can select from a broad range of categories – affinity audiences, custom affinity audiences, in-market audiences, custom intent audiences and life events – and Google will show ads to people in these categories. This feature currently applies to YouTube and Google Display Network campaigns but plans are afoot to extend audience targeting capabilities to search campaigns as well.  

Get Easy Entry on LinkedIn

If you are a B2B business, consider running text ads through Google Display network to target the LinkedIn platform which is anyways the best platform for B2B marketers to generate leads. With a LinkedIn ad extension, you can get easy entry onto this professional networking platform without getting involved in an expensive bidding war with competitors. Optimize your text or image display ads with relevant content to attract relevant audience and encourage clicks.

Link with Bing Ads

bing ads

Have you considered running a PPC campaign on Bing? The competition for keywords is less intense there and bids tend to be priced lower. Here’s a little secret – you can link your existing AdWords campaign with Bing Ads. You don’t have to go through the entire cycle of coming up with new ad creative – you can directly import ad information and AdWords campaign into your Bing Ads set up.

What do you think about these tricks? Intrigued? Excited? Reach out for guidance on how to implement them.


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