useful tips and tactics for marketing growth hacks

Useful tips and tactics for  marketing growth hacking

Now you must have confidence in your knowledge about growth hacking, what it is and how it works. It’s time to think about how you can use it.
One defining feature of growth hackers is their ability to discover new ways of solving problems: they do not adhere to rules or conventional ways of doing things. The essence of growth hacking is constant innovation and experimentation, which means there is no predetermined list of tactics that will accelerate the growth of your business, and you must remember that each company is different. You must find the strategies that work for you.

That said, there are many situations in which you can use the principles of growth hacking …


1. Offering a program recommendations

How does it work:

An effective method to increase acquisition is to inject the viral character into the registration process. Many companies have achieved this through recommendations programs that encourage users to recommend a friend.

One way this can work is by getting your current customers to share the registration page on social networks. Another is to send your friends and colleagues by e-mail a unique reference link or to share it on their websites. The success of a referral program depends on how you encourage your clients to recommend to their friends or colleagues.

First-class example: Airbnb are experts in marketing recommendations by offering a double incentive to its users.

Users invite their friends to Airbnb via e-mail or by sharing a personalized reference code on Facebook or Twitter.
When a user recommends a friend, the friend receives a credit of € 35 on Airbnb. In addition, who makes the recommendation also receives a credit of € 35 for their accommodation and € 65 if they are the host.

2. The free coupon strategy

How it works: Those of us who are looking for deals (let’s face it, who does not like a good deal!) Will be familiar with the desperate search for coupons or discount codes before making a purchase. Coupons and discount codes are a great way to generate growth and excitement around your business:

Use a coupon tool to generate them and share them with your influencers to include them on their websites.
Add a term or implies its shortage by limiting the number of coupons that can be redeemed.
Contact the old site visitors through social networks by offering a discount code.
Send an automated email a couple of days after the purchase requesting a review in exchange for participation in a raffle to obtain a discount code.
Offer an exclusive coupon to your followers at SnapChat. The advantage of SnapChat is the ease of creating coupons: you can take a photo of a current coupon you already have or create a coupon specifically for your followers in Snapchat.
Example of first class:

The GrubHub home restaurant has made regular discount / coupon promotions since before SnapChat became so popular.

3. Improve market research using Reddit

tips and tactics for marketing growth hacking

How does it work:

Reddit is an excellent platform to ask for comments and ideas to improve your product. You’ll see that Reddit users are often quite open to sharing their opinions both positive and negative.

Find a relevant sub-list for your product.
Publish the selected subreddd with a general summary of your product and ask the opinion of the people.
Interact with comments and collect all opinions.
Ask anyone who looks interested to give you their data to receive future updates on product progress.
Contact the interested parties and explain the changes you have made (if any) thanks to your comments. As a thank you you can think about giving them priority access for free and ask them to share it with their contacts.

4. Appears on Product Hunt

How does it work:

Product Hunt is a website that allows users to share and discover new products. It has quickly become the preferred platform for product launch because of the potential it has for driving large amounts of traffic to websites and new user registrations.

1. Identify someone with influence in the Product Hunt community who is willing to present your product.

2. Try to search Twitter “on @producthunt” from: producthunt, which shows @ProductHunt account tweets. You should simply look for a product similar to yours and find the person who submitted it.

3. Be sure to ask first to try your product before asking it to be presented.

4. Create a landing page that includes a specific discount or offer for Product Hunt members.

5. Ask who presents your product that marks you as the Maker of the product.

6. Gather positive feedback by sharing Product Hunt listings on social networks and send an e-mail to your subscribers asking them to comment or vote. Remember to include a call to action on your website to visit the Product Hunt page.

5. Optimize the past

How does it work:

Retroactive optimization means optimizing “old” content to be fresh, up-to-date and able to generate even more traffic and conversions. Obviously it is not a question of not creating new content but learning to maximize results from existing content. This is a process for optimizing “old” blog posts and landing pages:

1. High Traffic | Low Conversion> Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Uses traffic data to determine landing pages or blog entries that generate enough traffic, in conjunction with attribution reports to identify pages with low conversion level and optimize them.

2. Low traffic | High conversion> search engine optimization (SEO): On the other hand, you can determine pages with good conversion level that do not get enough traffic. By optimizing these high-conversion-to-search entries, you’ll potentially get them better ranked and generate more traffic and conversions.

we hava come into conclusion on our 5 powerfull tips and tactics for marketing growth hacking if you hava any idea or question please leave in comment below



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