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Best buysellads alternatives

Are you looking for the best buysellads alternatives then you have landed on the best post because here I am going to share with you the best and high paying buysellads alternatives which are worth to give a try if you are not able to get buysellads approval. Buysellads is one of the premium marketplaces and they pay really good and this is the reason why they are the best direct adverting networks on the internet right now.

Many bloggers have the dream to get selected in buysellads but unfortunately, their selection process is really very tough and they are really picky in approving the websites and this is really frustrating for new bloggers because they are really desperate to make money from their blog but due to not getting the approval they get discouraged.

But you don’t have to lose your heart because there are many other good buysellads alternatives which are accepting small and large websites and the approval process is not that much tough. So if you are also not able to get buysellads approval then you can surely try to apply for few of the below mentioned direct ad networks.

Some of you might think that most of the other direct advertising networks are not paying as high as buysellads and to be honest with you guys. Yes, buysellads is probably the best direct advertising network right now on the internet but there are many other networks which are really good and considered to be the best buysellads alternatives.

Recently I was reading a particular forum and there was a very huge discussion going on regarding this so I thought why not to compile a list of the best buysellads alternatives so that it can help many other new bloggers to make money from their blog or website.

I completely understand the urge they are in to make money with their blogs but due to not getting any direct advertisers and this really is very demotivating but luckily there are other alternatives which you must definitely try.

Many of you will get the approval but not that many advertisers to buy your ad slots  since they might not have huge advertisers in their marketplace right now but I would like to tell you one thing that there was a time when people thought the same about buysellads when it was new and now they really strive hard to get the approval.

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So even if you will not get many advertisers right now but you must definitely get your account approved because there will be one time when others might even find hard to get the approval from this website.

Guys, now without wasting much time lets see some of the high paying and best buysellads alternatives which are worthy to apply for.


adclerks buysellads

Adclerks previously know as publicity clerks is one of the best buysellads alternatives which you must definitely give a shot too because the approval process is really easy and you can get your blog or website approved even it’s not getting high traffic right now.

    • You just have to submit your blog or website and they will review it and most probably you will get the reply with max 24 hours.
    • After that, you can create ad slots and it’s on a 30-day basis and when any advertiser buys the ads you are going to get paid.
    • It is really getting a huge popularity so it’s better to grab your spot before it’s too late
    • Sign up for Adclerks


Blogads is another very popular direct advertising networks from where you can get direct advertiser for your blog or website. Blogads is most probably the oldest advertising networks and you can surely get more advertisers with this network.

    • The approval process is little tough since they are highly reputable advertising networks and they maintain high standards but if your blog or website is getting decent traffic then chances are more to get the approval.
    • They take 30% of the commission but they have a huge pool of advertisers and I am sure that you will definitely get more advertisers who will be purchasing your ad inventory.
    • Blogads is on the market since 2002 and it’s headquarters are in Carrboro, North Carolina, United States.
    • Sign up for Blogads


      • Buysiteads is another website which you can consider it’s fairly new but I searched their marketplace and there are advertisers who are willing to purchase the ad slots from the websites.
      • But one tip I want to give you here is you must not set your price to be very high and it must be low to start with not with this network with any network you must start with low and once you will start getting more and more advertisers then you can increase the price.
      • It was started in 2014 and currently the marketplace is not that overcrowded and there are fewer publishers as well as advertiser so it increases the chances that if your blog or website is having a good amount of traffic then surely you can get few advertiser willing to buy your ad slots.
      • Sign up for Buysiteads


        • Adsella is another very good alternative to buysellads because there are many good reviews about it and many bloggers are claiming that there were able to sell the ads slots very quickly but again you have to make sure that you are not putting the price range as to high amount because you are not going to sell your ad slots.

I have personally not tried adsella but before writing this post I researched a bit about it and found that starting with low price will make your ads sell quickly.

        • Adsella also has a very good reputation for making the payment in time and many bloggers were saying that you got the payment from adsella without any delay or issue.
        • Sign up for Adsella

          OIO Publisher

            • OIO Publisher is most probably the best buysellads alternative why because with this you are going to keep your 100% revenue generated by selling ads spot on your blog or website.
            • Basically, OIO publisher is not any website or service it’s a very popular WordPress plugin which you need to purchase and costs only $47 dollars which is the one-time payment.
            • You just have to download the plugin, install it on your WordPress blog and if any potential advertiser like your blog or website then he can directly buy the ad slots from your blog or website without having to leave your site.
            • What the biggest advantage here is that if your blog or website is quite popular then you can make a really handsome amount of money and many bloggers have done this.
            • Apart from installing the plugin on your blog they have the marketplace where you blog will be automatically listed so the chances of getting more advertisers increases.

          Download OIO publisher

        • Pro tips – Here are some of the pro tips which I need to share with your guys.
          1. If you get approved from any of the above-mentioned sites then don’t settle down and keep on trying to apply for buysellads and who know one day they will approve it.
          2. Make sure that don’t set up your price high in the beginning but once you see that you are getting a large amount of advertiser waiting then you must definitely increase your price to make the most of your advertising slots.
          3. To be honest with you that buysellads is the number 1 direct advertising network on the internet but if unfortunately, you are not getting the approval right now then you must keep on trying to sell ad space through the above-mentioned networks.
          4. It’s better to earn something then you keep your ad slots empty.
          5. Don’t show any fake traffic stats and make your title and description precise so that advertisers can come to know what your blog or website is all about.
          6. Start with 1 to 2 ad slots on your blog or website and when that ad slots get sold out then it depends on your wish whether you want more ad slots or not. Because there is no point in covering your entire sidebar with empty spaces and this will definitely put the negative impression on advertisers as well as your blog will not look professional.
          7. One pro tip is that till the time you don’t have the ads running make sure that you are using some other ads like Google adsense or so that you don’t waste your traffic as well as clicks.

          So, guys, this is it and I hope that you loved this compilation of the high paying and the best buysellads alternatives,  I would highly recommend you to try for OIO publisherbecause you will not share any amount with anybody and keep the hole profit as well as to fill up your empty space you can apply for

          Also please tell me have you used any of the above ad networks and what were your experiences also if you know any other direct advertising networks then please let us know in the comment section so that we can help other bloggers to make money blogging. Helping others will help us more in return. Thank you


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