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What is Search Engine Optimization and who needs it?  SEO is the concept or technique used by the webmasters to improve their websites ranking in search engines and drive traffic.  SEO concepts are the gateway to gain more potential customers and earn huge profit.  A website that is listed at the top of the search engine will drive organic customers to purchase the product.  People, who search for their requirements using the keywords, click the website or domain that appears at the top of the search result.  So, the website that has higher ranking will be targeted by the customers to purchase their product.  How to get the top ranking in search engine results?  Read this article to know more information on SEO techniques.

There are around 5 popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN etc. in the internet.  Targeting the top search engines and getting the top rank will help you to effortlessly drive thousands of customers to your website.  Even though there are many onpage and offpage SEO techniques available, the most important SEO techniques necessary to lift your search engine ranking will be discussed here.

*        SEO Title

Search Engine Spider start to analyze a website from title onwards.  A webcontent with impressive keyword added title is always given importance by the search engines while ranking the site.  The keyword or keyphrase you choose should be repeated twice for more effect.  The title should describe your content.  The title should not be derived only by using the keywords.  Even though search engine rate your site based on the keyword, user may not show interest to click or visit the sites that do not impress with the title and overloaded with keywords.

*        Header Tags

Header Tags should be added to attract the search engines as well as the users. These header tags are just like the sub titles which can create impact in the search engine results.  The header tags will tell the search engine spider what is in your website.  The header tags will also give hint to the audience through sub-title that whether the article in that web page is going to be useful for her/him or not.  So, never fail to use header tags, the most important SEO technique.

*        Informative context

The content should be created with great care, because after title and header tags, the search engine spider will look at the content to rank the site.  Search Engine always rate the content based on the information provided in the content.  The content should boost the interest in audience.  The content should have continuity and valid information.  The most important thing is that, your content should look unique when compared with other websites. It should not repeat the same information that is available in other websites.  Search engines also prefer the websites that offers fresh content.

There are also other SEO techniques such as link building, e-mail marketing etc. that can elevate your website ranking.  Of all the SEO techniques, the above referred onpage Search Engine Optimization techniques is compulsory for all sites.


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