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Best Blogging Tips For new Bloggers

So you are search for blogging tips for new bloggers and if you are indeed new to this blogging world then let me tell you it’s great hobby and blogging can make you handsome amount of money if you do it consistently, proper planning and smartly, For new bloggers who just stepped into this blogging field must know that blogging is no rocket science it’s just a online journal where you write what you like and want to put your words across the world so that people will read your experience and learn something new So do stress out if you are new blogger and have never done before. Seriously when I started blogging I was not knowing anything about it and SEO believe me and now my blog posts ranks very good in search engines So you will learn as you keep on writing and learning new things

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I get this questions asked many times how did you start blogging, how to make a blog, what is SEO and many different questions, what they don’t know how much reading and sleepless nights I have spent for learning how to do blogging So in this post I am going to share 26 blogging tips for new bloggers so lets see and I love to always give tips and tricks to my friends and other newbie bloggers So this post is going to be long really So ENJOY!!

26 Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

1) Think about the topic – This is the first step to start your blogging journey without doing this you cannot proceed further, ask yourself the question what are the thinks you like the most, on which topics will you keep on talking for long, what are your specialization and what special skills you have which might be beneficial for others and just pick the best topic for your blog

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2) Target a niche – Again this is most important blogging tips for new bloggers that you must target a specific niche or most probably a niche in niche for example suppose you love dancing and have lots of new tips and steps which your readers might love so don’t just start blogging about dancing instead choose a specific dance style like hip hop dance, freestyle dance, folk dance, jazz etc By doing this you are stating yourself as authority in you niche and people will really start following your blog and you will get more readers and good rankings in search engine for that niche and higher rankings means more traffic

3) Blogging Platform – Now again this is the thing where new bloggers get confused and they really don’t know about different blogging platforms available like blogger, wordpress, typepad, joomla, tumblr etc but I will suggest you to go for self hosted wordpress blog because you will have full control over your blog but if are just trying and testing your blogging skills then blogger is the best platforms for new bloggers to start exploring their blogging skills

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4) Theme or Design – A good professional theme and design will make your blog stand out and your readers will seriously love your blog, for wordpress you can buy themes frome themeforest but there are many free wordpress themes which you can download from but don’t put lots of money and stress in selecting a theme during initial phase a nice looking and clean theme will do the trick

5) Start Blogging – I have seen many new bloggers who just purchase a domain name and install wordpress also but wait for the best time to start blogging believe me that you will never be ready and will make excuses that from next week or next month onwards I will start blogging, Guys time is precious and it runs out fairly quickly So start now no matter you write 1 post today it’s great just start blogging and you will definitely gain momentum as your blog starts to get traffic

6) Lots of Content – I am damm sure that you must have heard about this term that “Content is king” and surely it is, in order to become a successful blogger your blog must be full of content and search engine love blogs which have good amount of content

7) Quality Content – Being said above that “content is king” then ” quality is queen” and they cannot live without each other in other words you must write quality content for your blogA good combination of quantity and quality will make your blog popular in short amount of time

8) Solve Problems – Instead of writing crappy articles to just fill your blog archive focus on finding solutions of people problems and write about their problems and how they can solve them and guys this is the biggest secret for making a successful blog, If you readers will get the solutions to their problems then they will really appreciate your advice and will be very thankful and they will turn into loyal readers

9) Blogging Frequency  – how many times in a week you must blog? or how many blog posts to do in month? well forget about all this there is not exact numbers to this, you must choose the blogging frequency in which you are comfortable and will regularly do blog posts like say it doesn’t really matter if you do 7 posts in a week or 1 post per week what’s important here is that you must stick to your blogging schedules So that your readers will know when they will most probably find new content for reading

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10)Avoid On an off Blogging  – Like I mentioned in previous point that you must regularly do blog posts for your blog and don’t just do 10 post on 1 day and disappear to write no more posts so your readers will get annoyed and they will find other sources and blogs to get the required information and there is no bloggers in this world who would let their readers go like that and make your blog stick like a magnet to your readers so that they get addicted to regularly visit your blog and the best way to do this is regularly write awesome blog posts

11) Reading – The more you read the more you will learn various blogging tips and tricks and one of the best way is to regularly visit popular blogs in your niche to read what they are talking about and what buzz is going in you topic

12) Think as Beginner Blogger – Even if you are grown yourself as blogger think what problems new bloggers must be facing so write article about that problems and by this way can definitely boost your readership

13) Improve writing skills – Don’t don’t require to become a specialized writer to start writing on your blog in fact you have to write in your own style however it’s not bad if you can just improvise your writing skills so that people will love your blog and you can read famous blog like copyblogger to get some content writing tips

14) Ask Readers – It’s not like you just have to find the topic and problems yourself but you can always ask questions to your readers and you will not believe that how many questions they will put in front of you and by this way you can develop a great community around your blog

15 ) Social media – Make use of big social media sites like facebook, twitter and google plus to spread a word about your latest blog posts by sharing them by this way you will attract more traffic to your blogs

16 ) Follow Experts – Let me tell you that no body is born being an expert but they gradually became experts in their fields by constantly learning new things and doing various kinds of experiments So just take a closer look at some of the big bloggers in your niche and make a note of how they started, what mistakes they did in past so that you don’t have to go through all the same and this will save lots of your energy and time

17) Blogger’s Block – What’s that huh? Blogger’s block is a situation when you don’t have any topics or ideas to write about then in this case you don’t have to panic just visit other blog and communities or set up a google news alert to know about the hot topic which are going around

18 ) Learn Basic SEO – SEO is the heart and soul to get higher rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and without learning SEO you cannot get good rankings in search results

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19 ) Install SEO Plugins – In WordPress you have lot’s of plugins to save quite a lot of your headaches and you can customize your blog in the way you want

20 ) Avoid Duplicate content –  Being said that earlier that content is king that doesn’t mean you should copy other bloggers articles and paste in your blog this is only increase your risk from getting banned from Google and other major search engines

21) Original Blog posts – You must write original blog posts not scrapped content from other blogs and websites and now a days Google have become very smart and they can easily find which content is original and which are duplicate, and I know every blogger must have done this mistake during initial days of their blogging but only until they came to know that in order to make a successful blog you cannot steal other people contents

22) Topic Research – Before you write a blog post do properly research about the topic because there is not point in writing 50 words blog posts which never clear the point and if you do your homework well then surely you write more in depth articles and Google love in depth articles such as guides and tutorials

23) No Money – I know that every one need to get rewarded for the time they spend on anything but in blogging you cannot expect to make millions of dollars overnight, well you may have read various overnight success stories online but they all started from 0 and hitting the gears up on wards So during the first 6 months just focus on writing more on your blog and later on you can surely monetize your blog to make money

24) Be Dedicated – If you want to make a successful blog then you must show 100%  dedication toward blogging without this you will find it hard to grow your blog to the level which you always dreamed off

25 ) Have Patience – This is the habit which you need to develop specially for new bloggers they really get impatience when they see things not working as they intended, It takes time to increase rankings, increase readership and most importantly making money from your blogs

26) Never Give Up – Last but not the least that you must never give up and quit blogging, I know it’s hard to resist and keep on blogging if you are not getting the desired outcome but believe me that once you get passed the first 6 months then you will not even think of quitting blogging because you will fall in love for this and you will not be able to refrain yourself from blogging

So friends these were my best 26 blogging tips for new bloggers, and I am sure that if you will follow all the above beginner blogging tips then surely you will end up becoming a successful blogger, still you have questions then definitely you can ask me via comments, subscribe to get more blogging tips and tricks and last but not the least keep Blogging!! –


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