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Are you looking for the free best WordPress Plugins for blogs or what are the must have Wordpress Plugins for Blogs then you have landed on the best blog because here I am going to share all the best Wordpress Plugins which you need to run a successful blog for bloggers. WordPress plugins are very useful if you need to add functionality to your WordPress blog and make your blog more powerful and useful for your readers.

There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins in WordPress repo but to make it easier for you and save your precious time I am going to list top 16 best Wordpress plugins which are most popular and useful for bloggers.

Plugins add lots of functionality to your WordPress blogs and allow you to do literally do anything with the help of plugins. Just a quick search in website will show you many plugins which will help you to accomplish your desired task.

But remember one thing it’s not wise to install as many plugins on your blog because this increases your blog loading speed and will make your WordPress blog slower. This is the reason why I am sharing the top 16 best WordPress plugins which are most important so that you don’t go overboard by installing all the unnecessary plugins and make your blog load slower in the browser.

WordPress Plugins Benefits List :

Below are the benefits of using WordPress plugins :

  1. You can make your blog load faster.
  2. You can SEO optimize your WordPress blog.
  3. You can add various functionality to your blog.
  4. You can add different scripts to your blog.
  5. You can put Google adsense on your WordPress blog.
  6. You can make Photo gallery.
  7. You can make Youtube video gallery.
  8. You can Backup your WordPress Blog.
  9. You can install Social sharing buttons on your blog.
  10. You can stop spam comments.
  11. etc this list can go on and on and this is why WordPress plugins are so important and useful.

So without wasting much time lets see the most important and top 16 best WordPress plugins you must have on your WordPress blog for bloggers.

Free Must Have Top 16 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs List

Note that some plugins are free and some are paid but I will try my level best to list all the plugins which are worth to pay for in this list for you. Remember that if you want to make a successful blog then you must invest on your blog and this applies to any business you will do in future.

  1.  Optin Monster :
    • Optin Monster is the most important plugin you must have if you want to increase your email subscribers and grow your email list. It is a paid plugin and many top bloggers are using this plugin to grow their blog email subscribers.
    • You must have seen those fancy pop-ups on many popular blogs and they are all using the popular Optin Monster plugin. It is developed by the WordPress expert himself Said balkhi and I am sure that you must have visited his blog if you in blogging niche.
    • Download Optin Monster Plugin
  2. SEO By Yoast : 
    • This is the number 1 SEO plugin right now in the WordPress repo and it’s free to download even though they have the paid version also but there is no need to buy unless you want to.
    • The free version does the beautiful job and I am using this plugin to SEO optimize all my WordPress blogs.
    • It is currently having more than 1+ million active installs because it is the best plugin right now.
    • This plugin is developed by Joost de Valk and he himself is an SEO expert.
    • When you will install this plugin you can SEO optimize your blog posts at the time of writing itself.
    • It’s definitely ranked the most important WordPress plugin of 2016
    • Download SEO By Yoast Plugin
  3. W3 Total Cache :
    • W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to increase your blog loading speed and make your blog load faster on the browser. It’s one of the highly rated speeds boosting WordPress plugins.
    • It’s totally free to download this plugin from website.
    • It supports caching, minifying CSS and javascript, CDN features etc.
    • It is developed by Frederick Townes and currently it’s downloaded by more than 1+ million WordPress users.
    • Download W3 Total Cache Plugin
  4. Max CDN : 
    • Max CDN is probably the best content delivery plugin right now on the internet and for WordPress blogs.
    • Max CDN is paid plugin but it’s worth every penny to buy this plugin because many top bloggers are using it and it will definitely boost your blog loading speed and make your blog super fast.
    • If you want to outrank your competition in Google and get good ranking then you mus get this plugin right away as Google now give more priority to the blog which is loading faster over others.
    • Download Max CDN Plugin
  5. Vault Press :
    • If you want to keep your WordPress blog safe and protected from hackers then you must have this plugin for sure. Not only you will be able to increase your website security but also you will be able to do automated backups for your blogs and this is more important.
    • Many Beginner bloggers ignore this and usually ends up getting hacked and lose all their blog posts and articles but I want you to be safe and always have the backups of your blog when something goes wrong.
    • It has both the free and paid version but if you are really serious about your blog then I would suggest you go for Paid version.
    • The most loved feature I love is the automated backups and restore feature and it can be done with just a click of your mouse button.
    • If you currently don’t have any backup plugin then you are doing a very big mistake guys you can lose all your hard work anytime if you will not regularly backup your WordPress blogs and I would highly recommend you to right away download this plugin.
    • Download Vault Press Plugin Free
    • Download Vault press Plugin Paid ( Recommended )
  6. Akismet : 
    • Are you getting hundreds of spam comments on your blog then this is the plugin for you to stop spam comments on WordPress blogs.
    • It is one the of the most popular plugins to stop spam comments right now for WordPress blogs.
    • It is developed by the WordPress developer himself  Matt Mullenweg and has been downloaded more than 1+ million times.
    • If you are really fed up of deleting the spam comments manually then you must download this plugin right now and it’s absolutely free to download.
    • Download Akismet Plugin
  7. Google Adsense : 
    • I know that you would love to make money with your blogs and Google adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your blog or website.
    • Many beginners are confused and really don’t know how to add Google adsense to their WordPress blogs. So Google adsense team has officially released their Google adsense plugin for WordPress users which you are download for free from WordPress repo.
    • Beginners get confused because there are so many plugins in WordPress which do the same task but I am using this plugin on my other blogs and it’s very good plugin if you don’t want to play with codes.
    • It’s very easy to add the adsense on your WordPress blog, you just need to install the plugin and with a single click, you can put the adsense on your blog.
    • It is currently having more than 100,000+ active installs and probably the best Adsense plugin for nontechy users.
    • Download Google Adsense Plugin
    • update the plugin is deprecated
  8. Contact Form 7 : 
    • For any blog or website, it’s very important to have a contact form on their blogs so that the readers and visitors to your blog can easily contact you.
    • Contact Form 7 is the best contact form plugin you can download for free from WordPress repo.
    • I am using Contact form 7 on all my blogs.
    • You just have to download and install this plugin and you have to put the shortcode on any page and post and the contact form will appear there.
    • Do don’t need to develop contact form yourself this plugin does the job for you.
    • It is developed by Takayuki Miyoshi and currently it is having more than 1+ million active installs.
    • Download Contact Form 7 Plugin
  9. Jetpack : 
    • If you need one single plugin to do multiple jobs for your blog then this is the plugin you need to download right away.
    • With the help of Jetpack plugin, you can check your WordPress starts, increase traffic, make your WordPress blog load faster, protect your blog from hackers and increase its security.
    • It is developed by itself and it presently having more than 1+ million active installs.
    • I would highly recommend to download this plugin right away but looking as so many features this single plugin supports.
    • It’s absolutely free to download this plugin from
    • Download Jetpack Plugin
  10. Broken Link Checker : 
    • Do you know that broken link is the worst for your WordPress blog SEO, the more broken link you have on your blog the lower will be your rankings and most importantly Google, as well as readers, hate this.
    • Nobody wants to land on a blog post only to find all the links to the articles are broken this is really frustrating for your readers.
    • Do don’t wait and download this plugin right now and fix all broken links from your WordPress blog.
    • It’s a free plugin to download from
    • It is developed by Vladimir Prelovac and downloaded more than 400,000+ times.
    • Download Broken Link Checker Plugin
  11. Google XML Sitemaps : 
  12. TablePress :
    • You must know that how important it is to organize your content and Tablepress is one such plugin which helps you to easily create tables in WordPress.
    • You just have to download and install this plugin and then with the help of shortcodes you can easily display tables on your blog.
    • If you are posting lots of lists post then this plugin is definitely worth to download. You can download this plugin for free from WordPress repo.
    • Download Tablepress Plugin
  13. Loginizer : 
    • This is really simple but very handy plugin to protect your WordPress blog and keep is safe from hackers.
    • This plugin limits the wrong login attempts so if the hacker types in wrong credentials then it will be blocked for logging in for some time.
    • It’s a really good plugin which I am using on all my blogs.
    • It’s free to download and currently having more than 300,000+ active installs.
    • Download Loginizer Plugin
  14. Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin : 
    • If you don’t know how to do 301 redirects in WordPress then this is the best 301 redirection plugin in WordPress.
    • When you change the URL of any blog post then I highly recommend you to do 301 redirects from old URL to new URL by doing this you will save and transfer all the link juice and rankings to the new blog post.
    • If you have the habit of frequently changing your post URL’s then you must download this plugin for sure.
    • It’s a free plugin and developed by anadnet.
    • It has more than 200,000+ active installs right now.
    • Download Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin
  15. Velvet Blues Update URLs :
    • I found this plugin when I changed my domain name from to I know many will believe that that was wrong move but I wanted to change my domain name.
    • After changing my domain name all the internal links were still pointing to my old domain name and I wanted to change all the old URL to new ones.
    • If I would have updated the posts manually one by one then it would have taken me the whole year to complete the tasks and it very daunting task too.
    • So I was looking for any plugin which will solve this problem and luckily I landed on this plugin.
    • This plugin smoothly updates all the old URL to new ones throughout your blog or website. It’s really useful when you change your domain name or move your site to new domain name.
    • It’s free plugin to download and it’s currently having 200,000+ active installs.
    • Download Velvet Blues Update URLs
  16. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP : 
    • Google analytics is most important to check all your blog statistics at one place so this plugin helps you to check your Google analytics straight in your WordPress dashboard.
    • It’s a free plugin to download from
    • Even though I highly recommend you to create Google analytics account for your blog but this is a good plugin to quickly check your traffic stats through your WordPress dashboard itself.
    • It the plugin developed by  Alin Marcu and has been downloaded more than 900,000+ times.
    • Download Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

So these are the top free and best WordPress plugins for blogs. All this are must have WordPress plugins if you are a blogger. I will continue to update this post as I will find other useful plugins in future.

If you like this post then please share with your friends and other bloggers on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other social media sites to help other newbie bloggers to make their blog more powerful. If you know any other plugin which I have not included in this post then drop a comment below and I would be glad to include them in this post.

Which plugins you find most important and what plugins are you using right now on your blog which you think will be helpful for our readers to know then share in the comments section below.


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