off page seo techniques

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is vital for the websites to appear at the top of the search engine results.  These SEO techniques are divided into categories.  One is on-page optimization and the other is off-page optimization.  On-page optimization is the SEO technique that is implemented in your website or blog. Off-page optimization is the one that is implemented through other sites or blogs.  In this article you will learn about the 10 off-page search engine optimization activities and its benefits.

1]       Submitting your domain (URL) to quality directories is one of the effective search engine optimization that can improve your website rating in search engines.  Always target and submit your URL only in quality directories.  Thousands of quantity submission is equal to one quality submission.

2]       Press Releases are SEO techniques suitable for big organizations.  Through PR sites you can reach your newly launched product, offers, special events and other information to millions of people.  Press Releases submitted in PR sites will be circulated to many online news outlets.

3]       Creating informative articles and submitting them to various article submissions directories such as ezine, will generate good volume of traffic.  These article submission directories will allow you to post your domain address or leave a backlink at the resource box.  So, if your article is informative, users will click the link left at the resource box to reach your website.

4]       Blogging is an effective and less expensive SEO activity.  There are numerous blogging networks such as WordPress, Blogger and Xanga where you can post blogs and leave backlink.  Blogging helps you to generate traffic, improve your search engine ranking and gain potential customers.

5]       Blog commenting is also effective in gaining potential customers.  You will be allowed to leave your URL link after commenting on a blog.  By providing useful and valuable comments to the user you can build a strong relationship with the user.

6]       Exchange links with other sites that are related to your product.  You can submit your link in your friend’s or relative’s site and at the same time allow them to leave their link in your site.  This mutual understanding will gain you more customers without spending any money.

7]       Utilize social media sites to develop your business and create traffic.  Create your profile in popular social media sites where you will be allowed to post information on your website, product.  You will also be allowed to leave your backlink in these sites.

8]       Choose popular social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg and Stumbleupon and leave your backlink there.  These sites are visited by genuine customers who will look for quality products and services.

9]       Offer something to the user free.  It may be an e-book or software.  When the user clicks the download link, they will be directed to your site.

10]     Conduct online contests and offer gift coupons. By increasing the popularity of your site, you can easily drive traffic to your website.

Other off-page SEO include e-mail marketing.  So, try to implement at least seven to eight of the SEO techniques in your website.  Backlinking increases traffic and as well as sales.


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