blogging tips for small business owners

Blogging can be very beneficial no matter you are small business owner or big company now a days every business owner got to have strong online presence why? because as you can see how many big brands and companies are spending so much on advertising and marketing their business and the most lucrative way is by using internet but exactly how? well you can start a blog for your small business and by doing this you can get more exposure as well as more customers coming inwards So in this post I am going to share few important blogging tips for small business owners

Blogging Tips For Small Business Owners

for instance if you are in pesticides industry then you can blog about pesticides, if you are in hotel business at Atlanta then you can blog about best hotels to stay in Atlanta, if you are fitness trainer then you can start fitness blog and can get more personal clients for personal coaching and the list goes on and on

So it can be very fruitful if you start your blog for your small business but before you dive into it let me tell you some best blogging tips for small business owners which will immensely help your business to take a long leap and get more prospects for your small business and below is great post which I would recommend to read

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Blogging Tips For Small Business Owners

1) Latest udpates – Share latest updates about what is happening in your business with fresh and unique content to let your customers know that there is something new and interesting for them so they will definitely come to your blog for getting more information Like for example if you are in mobile phone business then you can share latest mobile phones models with all the fantastic features and you can get more potential buyers for your business

2) Promote Products –  If you are selling products then you and blog about that particular product and try to explain what are the benefits and how this products is best for you but don’t do hard selling as customers are smart enough to smell things quickly so try to be as natural as possible

3) Solve Problems Of Customers – How many problems you have? I hope many so try to leverage on this and solve your customers problems by providing them the solutions like if you have any business then you must be providing something valuable to people so take a step ahead and blog about it on your blog to further spread the services you provide to more people and this will definitely get you more business and your customers will also appreciate your help and at the same time you can do wonders for your business

4) FAQ – Make a section of frequently asked question in your blog because any customer before doing business with you make sure about the pros and cons about what you have to give So jot down some of the most frequently questions which can be asked by your customers before buying your products or services

5) Show Testimonials –  This is the best blogging tips for your small business owners as people want to read the reviews about your products and services, how many times you have purchase a product without reading the reviews about it on internet I guess every time and this is where blogging is so much importiant for your business So show them how happy are your current buyers and how they are benefiting from your product or services

6) No Boring Style – Make your blog post interesting by giving them personal touch and make it as real one to one conversation as blog are widely used as communication medium between you and your readers, How many of you like to read the terms and conditions of certain company I guess no one like so write your blog post in much friendly manner by doing this people will love your content and they can be your loyal readers

5) Answer Queries – If you blog is getting lots of comments regarding your business then make sure that you answer all their queries and clear all their doubts occasionally you might get few harsh comments but treat it more professionally and answer them politely and this quality has to be in every business men for running successful business

6) Social Media Marketing – Don’t underestimate the power of social media sites like Facebook and twitter almost every big brand and business has their strong social media presence so plan your social media marketing strategies So create Facebook page for your business and promote your latest products and stories related to your business over there which will help you get lots of traffic and also has great potential to reach wider audience

 7) Choose Best CMS – Well you have the option to create a free blog using blogger or wordpress but I would recommend to build your blog using self hosted wordpress since you have better control and most importantly you own the content as this is not the same with free blogging platforms since they can delete your blog without any prior notice and your business is important to your so why not to be serious about it

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8) Learn SEO – Take some time to learn some basics of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) which will help your blog to get good google search engine rankings at the same time your blog can drive lots of traffic from organic searches which will definitely boost your business and it’s very simple to learn the basics of SEO

9) Email Marketing – Whenever you launch a new product or service shoot an email to your readers by telling them that you have something new in the basket for them and try to capture your readers email address by placing and opt in form by which your readers can easily subscribe to your blog and for this you can use feedburner email subscription for email marketing

10) Update Regularly – Try to regularly update your blog as this will keep your readers coming back for reading new content regularly as search engines love blog which are regularly updated and you can get good ranking for your blog in search engines

So friends these were top 10 blogging tips for small business owners and now you must be knowing that beneficial blogging can be for your business and what it can do so keep a note of all the above mentioned steps and definitely you can take your business to next level of success, if you like this post please share and don’t forget to subscribe to more blogging tips and tricks! Best of luck for your business


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