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If you want to know effective guest blogging tips or guest posting tips then you have landed on the best page because here I am going to share the best and perfect guest blogging and posting tips which will not only help in SEO but also will increase your website or blog traffic in no time. Guest blogging is one of the most vital marketing strategy for many bloggers and they have used it very effectively to improve their online exposure, build credibility, build brand, increased their website or blog traffic a lot and last but not the least it helped them in SEO as well as helped them in improving the overall aspect of their blog or website as a whole.

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I have seen many bloggers who have used guest blogging to increase social media followers and even their email list and to be honest guest blogging is a single weapon you need to make your blog successful in no time but many beginner bloggers really avoid doing guest posting and they have the mind set which I think is not correct or limited, they think that why to submit guest post to other blogs and help them to get more traffic and search engine traffic but this is not the mind set you must have if you really want to become a successful blogger.

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If you will properly utilize guest blogging then it can do wonders for you and your online business which is what I am going to share in this post and tell you the most effective and perfect guest blogging tips which you must follow to build your brand and authority as a blogger or even if you owning small online business then guest posting will be very fruitful for you. So without wasting much time let’s get into the business right away and take a look at few of the most but highly effective guest blogging tips which you can’t afford to ignore

10 Guest Blogging Tips & Best Practices For Beginners & Guest Bloggers



Before looking at the best guest blogging tips and what are the best practices you must follow to build your credibility and authority in your niche. Many of experienced and pro bloggers are already aware of it but there are many beginner bloggers who don’t know exactly what is guest blogging or what is the meaning of guest blogging because when I started blogging at that time also I was not know how exactly it works and why many bloggers tell to do guest blogging seriously and this is the question which might be arising among many newbie bloggers who just tapped into this wonderful world of blogging so for them lets see what does guest blogging means.

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Guest Blogging Meaning or What is Guest Blogging ?

Guest blogging is to create guest posts or articles on other people blogs and websites. However guest posting is not mostly famous for website but blogs are the best platform for guest blogging. Many bloggers and online marketers use guest blogging to increase their online exposure, traffic, authority, brand or credibility for their blog, websites or online business.

Its the process which involves submitting high quality articles to other blog owners so that they publish the post on their blog and you as a guest blogger can drive traffic to your blog, social media profiles or to literally any page you want to which might be on your own blog or for your client blog.

It’s one of the best ways to mark yourself as an authority in your niche or topic and at the same time build relationship with the most influential and popular bloggers. Thus if you are blogger looking to increase your blog traffic, SEO or want to become an authority blogger and gain more exposure then guest blogging is the right way to go. So below I am mentioning the best guest blogging tips and practices you should follow to reap all the benefits of guest posting

Guest Posting Tips & Best Practices For Beginners

1)  Find Relevant Blogs :

This is one of the best and most important guest blogging tips which I want to give to all the newbie bloggers who want to start doing guest posting. The key to effective guest blogging is to find highly relevant blogs in your niche and do guest post for them as this will give you more targeted traffic and SEO benefits also you can sky rocket your followers and subscribers base overnight. I have seen many bloggers who are claiming that a single guest post on high popular and niche relevant blog boosted their traffic and subscribers drastically over night.

So always do guest posting for highly relevant blogs in your niche or topic as the benefits will be more fruitful in this case

2)  Quality Article :

I want to really stress on this point and specially beginner bloggers must make this as the most important guest posting tips in their mind that in order to become successful guest blogger you must always write quality article on other blogs. I have seen many bloggers approaching me to submit guest posts for my blog ( which I don’t accept as of now ) with articles which are not of optimum quality and you must be knowing that in order to get higher ranking in google you must writequa quality content. So if you want to increase the chances of getting your guest post accepted by the blog owner then you must do the proper research and produce high quality content which the blog owner will find hard to resist or reject.

3)  Avoid Spammy and Low Quality Blogs:

Note this point is not for blog with little content I have seen blogs with only 15 to 20 posts but they are extremely high quality content so you can do the guest blogging for them but this point focuses to avoid spammy or low quality blogs which only contains copied content or have bad reputation in the eyes of Google which might even get your blog in trouble especially if you are getting outbound links from that particular blog to your blog or website.

No matter you are getting 2 to 3 dofollow backlinks simply avoid to do guest posting for such blog as it is not going to be at all beneficial in fact your blog will get in trouble and will lose Google rankings. So don’t be greedy just thinking that you are get backlinks from such blogs but believe me your ranking can literally vanish over night So it’s always better and safe guest blogging practice to avoid doing guest blogging for low quality and spammy blogs.

4) Reply To Comments :

This is again one of the most vital guest posting tips which new bloggers and content marketers must note that whenever you do guest post for any blog then don’t forget to subscribe yourself to that particular post in general if you really love the blog then it might be possible that you have already subscribed yourself with their blog but if not the please do it.

Because many blogger’s are very strict in this and they usually mention this on their guest blogging guidelines that the guest blogger must post a reply to the comments as this will engage the audience and keep the conversation rolling.

Not only this will be beneficial for the blog owner but it will be more beneficial to get more traffic and build relationship with the fellow blogger readers and believe me this can really do wonders specially you want to get more exposure and authority in your niche.

I have seen many blogger doing this mistake and they think that yeah my blog posts has been published and I have even manage to get couple of dofollow backlinks to my blog So my job has been done. But do you no that if you will not visit your guest post to reply the readers comments then it might happen that the blog owner will simply remove the article why? because the blog owner has not written the article it’s you have written the article and you must be know better then the blog owner about that particular topic. So it’s always a better practice to subscribe or keep track of your guest posts so that you extract most of the juice out of it.

Just imagine that you are taking a conference meeting for clients you finish your 2 hour lecture and you just leave the place then whom the listeners are going to ask all the doubts and queries and most importantly it will leave a negative impression of you as a lecturer. Since you just loaded then with bunch of information and signed off without listening what the listeners love and hate about the lecture  I think that you got the point do I have to explain it naaa you are smart enough 

5)  Backlinks :

I know that backlinks is single one of the most important reason why most bloggers do guest blogging and yes it’s always good to get some incentive for you hard work and will be more kind of the blog owner if he provides 1 or 2 dofollow backlinks to your blog but even if you don’t get the backlinks you are not losing anything you will get more targeted traffic, exposure, readers and put yourself among hundreds of thousands of new readers which will visit your blog or might become your loyal readers as well.

So it’s win win situation even if you don’t get the backlinks specially if you have just started your blog and don’t have much visitors coming to your blog then guest blogging can do the trick for you and it’s 100% effective and proven by many newbie bloggers who get good amount of traffic to their new blog or website just by submitting their guest posts on high traffic blogs in their niche.

So you don’t get discouraged if the blog owner is not providing you the dofollow backlink. You main focus should be drive in new readers to your blog or to build your brand awarness and authority in your niche.

Have you received guest posts request for you blog I am sure that most of you must have and I am sure that many are asking for a backlink to the article but do you really know that most of them are link builders who earn big money by building high quality and relevant backlinks to their client websites.

But the genuine bloggers who really want to become successful really don’t care about whether they are getting the backlinks or not they simply want to tap into their reader base and build credibility for themselves and this will be of immense help as being a blogger.

6) Never Pay For Guest Posts :

Google is really against this and if you are thinking to do guest posting on really high traffic blogs on the basis of paid links then you are putting yourself in great danger and this is why there was so much buzz about guest blogging for SEO and why matt cutts even hate this kind of approach if you are using guest blogging just for the sake of link building.

Which is why many blog owners stop accepting guest posts on their blog as well as the link builder who were leveraging and abusing this technique were skeptical to continue or stop doing guest posting.

But you don’t have to worry at all if you are not using paying the blog owner for backlinks or for guest posts.

7) Guest Blogging Outreach :

Last but not the least and it’s again of the most crucial guest blogging tips for beginners who just want to start guest posting is whenever you approach for guest posting on other blog then take polite approach and show them how your article will be beneficial for their readers and how your article is really a good fit for them to accept your guest post and if you approach is right then your blog post proposal will be accepted otherwise if you are unable to justify the reason for your guest post then you might get rejected.

No body want’s to publish a content which will be not be useful for their readers and does not add value.

8) Provide Unique content :

This guest posting tips will ensure that most of your guest post pitching will get approved why? if you content is unique and the blog owner has not covered yet or might not be having much deal of information or knowledge what ever might be the reason then if you will provide them with unique article which is not currently published on their blog the the chances will get doubled and your blog post will get approval. Every body loves unique content you me and all mighty Google so it’s win win situation for both of you

9) Do Keyword Research :

I am sure that you must be doing keyword research for you blog posts then why not to do with the topic which you want to do guest blogging for as this will ensure that blog owner will accept it since it high demand topic and also many people will look of that particular keyword or key phrase which you will be targeting for your guest posts.

Imagine if your blog posts get published on problogger or huffington post then the amount of traffic you are going to get is immense ( note it is taken for example  there will be popular blogs in your niche as well so target them) and do you know that these blogs are having very high domain authority So your blog posts are naturally going to rank high in search results which will result in loads of traffic to your blog or website and imagine the positive impact it can have on your blog. Think for a second friends 

10) SEO Friendly :

Even if you are able to do guest blogging to highly relevant and authority blogs in your niche then also you must optimize your articles so that it ranks high enough in search results and thus more eyeballs will be on your article and the blog owner will really appreciate your work and this will really increase your chances to submit more guest posts for that particular blog.

And if more readers are reading  your posts then more referral traffic you will get which in turn further increase your reader base as well as credibility which will directly boost your authority in your niche and will increase your brand awareness

Over To You

So friends guest blogging is one single technique which you can use to become a authority blogger in your  niche and get more exposure to your brand or business. I hope you like my guest blogging tips and if you genuinely liked all the above guest posting tips and don’t forget to share and subscribe because I am going to share more such great and effective blogging tips and tricks which will be of immense helpful for you! Happy Blogging 


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