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specific traffic

How to get Traffic from a Specific Country

Why every one needs a Country Specific Traffic ? Every business has their own range of customers as their services are limited to a specific...
tips to optimize seo link building

Guide to SEO positioning on Web pages of WordPress

Currently, the development of Web pages in WordPress goes hand in hand with optimizing them in many ways, and SEO Web positioning is one...
Factors that positively affect seo

Factors that influence SEO

There are several factors that affect the positioning of a web page, in the experience of webmasters it has been shown that some influence...
Optimization: compressing content

Optimization: compressing content

To optimize the loading of a web page is necessary to reduce the maximum number of requests or size of the files transmitted. To...
gtmetrix page speed test

Optimization: Add Expires Headers to improve your site speed

 The expiration Header are used to indicate when a particular file expires, in which case it is not loaded again if it has not...